Bolt Through Light

Bolt Through Light

  • $ 128.95 USD

Alex Bolt Through Machine Light 

This is the lowest cost bench mount Alex Light solution.
Simply drill a hole in the right spot, bolt through the table-top and tighten the supplied nut to secure the light in position.
This model has the same 800mm reach (31”) as the other bench models.
The position of the light is fixed unless a second hole is drilled.


Light Engine
Beam angle
Colour Temperature

LED DWT 5.5w
19,000 lux
30 degrees
110-220v / 36v


Daylight Wavelength Technology (tm)

Includes Mounting Bracket

Includes In-line Driver

12,000+ Hour Bulb Life -   5 Years

Built to Last in Great Britain

5 Year Warranty

Power Options

Plug-in Driver

Part number 21140

Add an extra/replacement plug-in driver for each light. Plugs directly into the mains. Contact us for more information about this option.

In-line driver

Part number 21142

Add an extra/replacement plug-in driver for each light. Plugs directly into the mains. This is the default power option for this light. 

5 Year Warranty

The only reason you would not invest in an Alex Light is that you don’t want to invest the extra amount when compared to using machines with no machine-lamp or a cheap lamp fitted. But that extra cost is less than a penny an hour, or the cost of a latte at Starbucks once a year.

For this tiny investment at the needle, you will ensure near daylight all day every day and its impacts of quality and productivity, a healthier workforce, fewer mistakes and a five-year warranty.

Additional Options


Choose from black or white options

Black finish is the standard option, and white is available as a no-cost extra.

Beam Width

Standard, narrow or wider beams

Choose between 30 degree (standard), either 20 degree or 36 degree (additional cost)


Add the function to dim the light if required

Add the ability to adjust the intensity of the machine light for an additional cost.



Dr Wall


"The light is superb and has made me realise how poor other lights are in comparison."

Dr Pearson


"The improvement in my visual clarity for detail was immediately obvious."

Sue Martynski


"I can recommend Alex Lights to my patients with complete confidence."

Dr Nethersell

NHS Consultant

"The whole lamp has been designed as a precision

Why Choose an Alex Light?

Find out why the Alex light is the leading choice amongst high performance sewing lights


Your profits


The negative effects of artificial light


Well-being and performance

A high performance light is not about brightness alone. Other critical success
factors include the spectral make-up of the light beam, its colour-temperature,
the blue-light projected and the ability of machinists to adjust the light to suit
their eyes and different materials.

A significant body of research indicates that poor quality light not only causes eyestrain but can also damage well-being and the eye itself.

Prevent eyestrain and sleep disruption for your workforce.

Because sight dominates our senses, when we can’t see clearly, we automatically
adjust and strain. Sit for long enough in the wrong position and you’ll soon discover
what this does to your own productivity and performance.

The Alex Machine Light Range

Machine head light

Mounts directly to the machine head

This model attaches to the sewing machine head to the mounting point in the casting to be found on most machines. 

  • LED Daylight Wavelength Technology™
    Includes Mounting Bracket
    Includes In-Line LED Driver
    12,000+ hour bulb life  
    700mm (27") reach

Bench Light

Attaches directly to the bench

The bench light is screwed to the bench or attached via any of the various mounting options available.

  • LED Daylight Wavelength Technology™
    Driver inside base
    Screw or mount to bench
    12,000+ hour bulb life
    800mm (31") reach 
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