High Performance Sewing Lights

Because….every stitch matters

The Alex Light - High Performance Sewing

A professional sewing machinist will perform only as well as they can see the work. Sewing is a manual task, performed indoors at speed, requiring a quality focus. All sight is light, so the light you shed matters.

How to choose the right production light

Beyond the obvious considerations like making sure a light is fit for purpose, able to withstand dust and vibration and guaranteed to last, the main factors which should impact any decision are productivity and machinist well-being.

Without the benefit of clear sight, human performance deteriorates. 

Increase Productivity
Maximise Profit
Minimise Mistakes
Optimise Ergonomics

The Alex Machine Light Range

Machine head light

Mounts directly to the machine head

This model attaches to the sewing machine head to the mounting point in the casting to be found on most machines. 

  • LED Daylight Wavelength Technology™
    Includes Mounting Bracket
    Includes In-Line LED Driver
    12,000+ hour bulb life  
    700mm (27") reach

bench light

Electronics contained within the base of the light

In order for the two columns to be balanced I think we need to say something here

  • LED Daylight Wavelength Technology™
    Driver inside base
    Screw or mount to bench
    12,000+ hour bulb life
    800mm (31") reach 
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