The rise in electronic technology is leading to a global epidemic of myopia. Find out more below. 

The myopia boom 

This report reviews;
1.   Why short-sightedness is reaching epidemic proportions.
2. Some scientists think they have found a reason why.
3.  The current trends and forecast increase in the condition.
International Science Journal

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The effects of digitisation and the myopia boom

This report reviews;
1. The predictions for the percentage of population affected
by myopia in 2050
2.  How exposure to daylight reduces the risk of myopia vision
3.  How to avoid the detrimental effects of mass digitisation

Laura Dominici
Peak Ace AG 

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Short-sightedness now a global epidemic 

This report reviews;
1. How myopia increases risk of more serious eye conditions
2. That office workers also at greater risk of myopia
3.  How increased screen-time is a risk, rather than screens themselves

Fiona Duffy

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