Blue Light

This page contains research into the effects that blue light has been found to have on the human body.

Blue Light has a dark side

This report reviews;
1. What blue light is and its links to sleep
2. The effect blue light has on sleeping patterns
and circadian rhythm 
3. How to protect yourself from blue light 

Harvard Health
Updated April 2018

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Blue light and its effects on sleep and cognition 

This report reviews;
1. How light is responsible for impacting our circadian rhythms
2.  Positive and negative effects of blue light
3.  Different ways we can protect ourselves and our workforce
from the effects of blue light

Michal Šmotek
National Institute of Mental Health

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Five key facts about blue light in the workplace 

This report reviews;
1.  How blue light can lead to digital eye strain
2.  How the effects of blue light can negatively impact
worker productivity
3.  How employers can reduce exposure to blue light

VSP Real World Solution Series
Eyecare Resource

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