About Us

If what matters most is a low purchase cost to your equipment, you need read no further.

On the other hand, if you are the sort of person who believes that the profitability of your production rests heavily upon getting the most from a manual task, performed by skilled operators, indoors at speed, then what we have to offer you could transform your productivity. It is called The Alex Light and is named after me.

Your machinists are only able to perform as well as they can see their work. Given that all sight is light, any work with quality standards performed at speed is bound to be heavily impacted by the light being shed.

For over 35 years our sole focus has been perfecting high performance sewing machine lights designed and built to make the most of your combined investments in plant, machinery and skilled people.

Our mission is to change lives, one person and one day at a time by shedding better light. We believe light changes what we see and how we feel.

Alex Pratt OBE




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